David Caetano  Biography

Producer/Remixer & DJ on:
*Sweep The Floor Records ( UK )
*PureBeats Records (UK)
*Deep Freeze Records ( UK )
*Unrivaled Music Records ( UK )
*Sound Exhibitions Records ( Italy )
*Instant Deep Records ( Italy )
*Orange Gridge Records (Italy)
*DjEef ‘s Records (France)
*Happy Days Records ( Serbia )
*Q Phonic Recordings (South Africa – UK)
*Track Selection (South Afrika)
*Symmetric Records ( Holland )
*Delicious Music Records ( Armenia )
*Maintain Replay Records (Portugal)
*Bosom Records (Portugal)
*CrackHouse Records (Portugal)
*Bit to Bit Records (Spain)
*Red Drum Music (Spain )
*U211 Records (Spain )
*BeachSide Records ( EU )
*House Tribe Records (EU)
*Del Sol Music (EU )
*Anfrix Records (Colombia)
*Zelebra Records (Colombia)
*Array Records (Mexico)
*Suite7Records ( Mexico )

More Albums From: David Caetano

Delirio EP

Delirio EP

Djeef's Records
Los Angeles 2019 (Remix)

Los Angeles 2019 (Remix)

Djeef's Records


Djeef's Records
Waiting for You

Waiting for You

Djeef's Records